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High Speed Precision Stamping Technology in Application
Posted: 05/10/2016 16:25:49  Hits: 96
High speed precision stamping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology of modern stamping, which combines high speed press machine technology, high precision die technology, high quality product material technology, intelligent control technology and other high technologies.
High speed precision stamping technology is mainly used for processing sheets, consisting high speed press machine, precision mold and high quality coil stock. Under coordinately connection of decoiling device, leveling device, feeding device, material lubricating device, output device, workpiece management device and receiving device, the technology is combined into a stamping automatic production line based on the procedures of stamping technology. Stamping automation cannot only highly raise labor productivity, improving labor conditions and reducing costs, but also can effectively guarantee personal safety during stamping production, basically changing production situation of stamping. So, the technology is widely applied in electronic, communication, auto, machinery, military, light industry, motor and electric appliances, instruments, medical apparatus and instruments, automation and home appliances. It is also widely applied in rail transit, aerospace and new energy.
With electrocommunication, motor, auto and home appliances high developing, the demands for precision stamping parts are higher and higher, so as to technical requirements and application. Common press machine cannot meet requirements for production and technology. For this, using high speed precision press machine for high speed, automatic and continuous stamping is an effective way for improving productivity of stamping. Time per minute of slide block on high speed precision press machine is higher than common press machine having similar tonnage by more than 5 times. It not only has the advantages of high precision and good surface quality, but also has long service life of mold.
In recent years, with stamping technology developing into high speed, high precision and intelligence constantly, development momentum of high speed press machine is promoted further and high speed precision press machine and ultra high speed press machine come out. For example, high precision press machine having small tonnage developed by LST, Munster, Bruderer, Schuler and Noritz, the stroke of slide can respectively reach 2,000 times/min, 3,000 times/min and 4,000 times/min. Under loading, the press machine can meet requirements of super precision in standard, which means that high precision press machine technology has been developed into ultra high speed and ultra high precision. Oversea, some corporations classify small high speed precision press machine into 4 classes based on the stroke time of slider: normal speed (lower than 250 times/min), secondary high speed (ranging from 250~400 times/min), high speed (higher than 400~1,000 times/min) and super high speed (higher than 1,000 times/min). Stamping speed varies with tonnage of press machine, length and times of slide. So, the limitation of every class cannot be divided by only using figure. Therefore, clear definition for slewing range of high speed precision press machine in international has not come out yet. In general, the press machine whose speed is higher than common press machine by 5~10 times is called as high speed precision press machine. In terms of application of high speed precise press machine in China, speed which is classified by the average of minimum stroke and maximum stroke or higher than average by 10~20% is more rational. The maximum stroke of slider refers to the stroke without loading. When stroke is higher than a definite value, unbalance of press machine during operation is increased obviously. Change of dead point dynamics under slider is larger. So, quality of coil stock, feeding speed, performance and service of mold, strength and precision of equipment, automatic monitoring and stability of obstacle, vibration and noise, lubricating and cooling system must be figured out. Rationality of speed used in high precision press machine is quite critical.
The technical features of high precision stamping parts are various categories, diverse materials, sheet coil, large automatic production batch, high precision, complicated shape, high technical content and additional value.
High Speed Precision Stamping Technology in Application